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Charter of Malacca Girls' High School
                                Strive towards improving
                                The academic standards, self-discipline and co-curriculum
                                And provide facilities and the opportunity
                                So that every pupil can develop her potential
                                In her respective field
                                And instill moral values
                                In the teaching and learning
                                So as to have a wholesome education.
Mission of Malacca Girls' High School

                        1.  Provide the best education to the pupils.
                        2.  Prepare the students with great potential to further their
                             studies in Institutions of higher learning in the country and
                        3.  Produce students who are dedicated to the quest for
                             knowledge, capable of work and have a balanced

School's Objectives
                    1. 60% of the pupils taking the PMR examination should be
                        obtain at least 4 A's, 75% of the SPM students should
                        obtain Grade 1 and 100% passes in the STPM examination.
                    2. 100% of the students should have a positive attitude
                        towards academic excellence.
                    3. 100% of the students should have a positive attitude
                        towards the culture of the school.
Quality Base

                                We believe and are confident that :

                            -  professional attitudes and perspectives
                            -  team spirit
                            -  a work culture which is efficient, fair and dignified

                Can offer educational services of high quality to students, parents
                and  society to  fulfill the national education goal.

 Kata  Aluan  Pengetua