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School History

    Malacca Girls High School is located in the urban area and is roughly 2 km from Malacca town. It is situated in Jalan Tun Fatimah, Durian Daun. In this area there are a number of schools and a teachers training college called the Malay Womens Teacher's Training College.

    The school was started in 1961. Since 1959, the school was part of Gajah Berang Secondary School . At the beginning there were 414 pupils who were all girls. At that time, both the Malay Languange and English were the medium of instruction. In 1965, students who were using the Malay Languange as the medium of instruction were transferred to another school now known as Tun Tijah Secondary School. The Malacca Girls High School was officially opened on 16th November 1962, by the Minister of Education, Datuk Abd Rahman bin Hj Talib.

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